Dramatically improve your corporate network security with AVDS™.

Traditional VA/VM systems tend to be error-prone and can generate bloated, hard to use reports. AVDS with its zero false positive design will identify vulnerabilities with precision so that you can act with certainty to eliminate your network's most serious security weaknesses. At the same time you may discover that your network doesn't actually have many of the issues being reported by your current scanning solution.

With deadly accuracy and dependable scanning reports AVDS will help you make a giant leap forward in security because your valuable time can be spent on resolving proven, serious security weaknesses - not on chasing false positives.

AVDS is a complete network scanning solution available in a broad product line. AVDS was designed for continent spanning networks with tens of thousands of IPs, but that same, powerful scanning engine is available in an entry level version for small networks run by a single administrator. It is also available as a hosted solution for the scanning of one to one thousand external IPs or web sites.

AVDS operational simplicity and reporting accuracy will give you the certainty you need to act decisively. Cut through the noise regarding network security strategy and get to the basic: Regardless of how or why your network might be attacked, attackers are looking for vulnerabilities and if your network has known and proven vulnerabilities, then that's what they will use to gain unauthorized access. AVDS will find and help resolve your network's killer vulnerabilities.

A primary failure point of VA system implementation is to scan just a portion of a network. Find out how switching to AVDS makes it financially possible and technically feasible to scan everything that 'talks IP'. By actual experience, the AVDS licensing plan can cut your current scanning costs in half or make it possible for the first time to scan your entire network. 

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