beSECURE Manangement System provides Vulnerability Assessment reports for technical staff, administrators and senior executives.

 Reports for Every Need, in Convenient Formats

Reports can be calendared and their delivery automated. Report formats available include PDF, HTML, CSV and XLS. In addition beSECURE can deliver vulnerability scan results to any SIEM, ticketing, project management or other data collection application. Reports adhere to standards set by Basel II, CVE, CVSS, ISO and ITU.

beSECURE is also available as a small business solution that can deliver the most frequently used reports. This system (Stand Alone System – or SAS) uses the same VA engine and library of vulnerabilities as the Management System but is ideal for businesses who are just getting started on vulnerability assessment or who have simple networks and modest budgets.

 Technical Report

The beSECURE standard report provides a comprehensive analysis of all vulnerabilities found. An Executive Summary section shows an overall summary, illustrated by charts and graphs to allow quick assessment of the risks found in the scan. The Vulnerabilities section shows the technical information for every vulnerability found, including a short summary, severity, possible impact, recommended solution and links to more information. The technical report is a powerful tool for network administrators, security officers and IT managers to evaluate network security.

 Change Report

This unique reporting feature presents only the changes from any previous scan. New vulnerabilities, open ports, new services or new/removed hosts will appear, as well as a summary of the problems that were fixed. This crucial management tool immediately highlights potential risks, unauthorized activity or security-related network actions.

 Trend Report

A graphical illustration showing the changes of risk level over time and the progress toward the implementation of a security policy. The vulnerabilities section of the change or trend reports will tell the administrator what are the new issues that need to be dealt with.

 Executive Report

Designed for senior IT executives this report provides modest graphics with enough supporting detail to assist in decision making.

 Senior Executive Report

This report provides more graphics and less detail – ideal for presentation to non-technical decision makers.

 Custom Report

Create special reports using filters and search parameters to view vulnerability results on a select set of hosts, an operating system, an application, a risk type, a risk rating or any combination.

 PCI Compliance Report

Beyond Security is an Approved Scanning Vendor and PCI compliance reports on external IPs and URLs are done by PCI trained staff on request and are included at no extra price with every installed system.

 Ticket Report

Lists status of tickets created in the beSECURE ticketing system.

 Asset Report

A comprehensive report of all network assets discovered within each scan range including asset value, OS, NetBIOS, DNS and MAC address.

 Business Unit Report

Large enterprises often need vulnerability reports that may combine selected hosts from several different scans.

 Most Common Vulnerability Report

This report is often used to clean up a network that has not previously received routine vulnerability assessment scanning. In some cases handling all instances of one vulnerability is more efficient than handling all vulnerabilities on one host.

 HIPAA and SOX Reports

Reports suitable for reporting HIPAA and SOX compliance are also available.