Vulnerability assessment licensing that gets you more for your money

Your network security status is relative to the percentage of nodes scanned and actual high risk vulnerabilities eliminated.

With beSECURE you can scan more of your network (if not all of it) at no extra cost. But more important, the zero false positive design of beSECURE will eliminate the time you now spend chasing after false vulnerabilities.

New nodes are constantly appearing on your network and ideally your VA system is set to scan the entire range of IPs to catch them. With beSECURE you can set large scan ranges and automatically capture every new resource that appears. beSECURE licensing is based on active IPs, so you can scan ranges of hundreds or thousands of IPs but only pay for the IPs actually in use. Most VA tools charge for every IP included within a range, necessitating the manual addition of every new IP put into use to keep costs down. Simplify and improve security With beSECURE by setting your scans by range and get a report from beSECURE on every change in your network, such as new equipment being added or removed.

The primary frustration and greatest cost of Vulnerability Assessment is the time spent looking for vulnerabilities that were reported, but do not exist. Your total cost of VA is the cost of tools plus the cost of man-hours spent hunting for, validating and fixing issues. Admins using an assortment of freeware scanners must also sort out the conflicting reports produced by poorly supported tools. The zero false positive design of beSECURE eliminates the expense of trying to find and then prove that false positives are truly false.

beSECURE – Network, external IP, web application and PCI scanning for large based on number of active IPs and network segmentation.

Hosted beSECURE – External IP scanning and web application scanning based on number of active IPs scanned.

SAS – For SMBs that are new to Vulnerability Assessment or that have simple networks.

PCI Scanning – Beyond Security is an Approved Scanning Vendor and delivers ASV services.

MSP – External IP and web application scanning based on number of active IPs scanned each month.