Aviram Jenik

Aviram Jenik, Chief Executive Officer

An entrepreneur and expert in security vulnerabilities, Aviram Jenik has over 17 years of experience in the computer security industry. From the early days of computer viruses he has been involved in the fields of encryption, security vulnerabilities detection and research. He worked as a programmer, team leader and project manager in numerous startups before co-founding Beyond Security in 1999.

Aviram has a Bsc. in Computer Science with a major in cryptography and an MBA from T.A. University with majors in strategy and entrepreneurship

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Noam Rathaus

Noam Rathaus, Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer of Beyond Security, Noam Rathaus brings vast knowledge of the computer security field, having 10 years experience in security for several platforms and over 8 years of C/C++ programming experience. In 1998, he started the popular SecuriTeam.com security portal, one of the largest internet security databases. One year later he co-founded Beyond Security which now owns and manages SecuriTeam.com.

Noam is the co-author of the popular technical books “Nessus Network Auditing”, “Nessus, SNORT, Ethereal power tools”, “Open Source Penetration Tools” and “Open Source Fuzzing”, and holds a BSc. in Electrical Engineering.

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Public Key: 0x2D24B275B1EB4475

Brian Pearce

Brian Pearce, Chief Operating Officer/Chief Marketing Officer

As Chief Operating Officer/Chief Marketing Officer, Brian Pearce brings expertise from 25 years experience in operations and marketing in technology and online internet retail.

In addition, Brian was a founding partner of one of the first Internet advertising agencies, a co-owner of a franchise network and a principal hire in several successful new business ventures.

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Michael Leong

Michael Leong, Managing Director, Beyond Security Asia

A technopreneur and Managing Director of Beyond Security Asia, Michael Leong has over 25 years of technology marketing and management experience. Prior to joining Beyond Security, he spent most of his career with top MNC companies that included Intuit, Reckon, Borland, CSC, Volvo Group managing and heading APAC market.

Michael holds certification in CEH, Certified Forensic Investigator and Penetration Testing.

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