Take the challenge:
Compare AVDS to QualysGuard in the real world – your network.

Beyond Security AVDS

Since 1999 Beyond Security has been setting new standards for the Vulnerability Assessment and Management field. Built from the ground up to be deployed rapidly, easy to maintain and deadly accurate, AVDS is the most technically sophisticated solution for VA/VM challenges in large, widely dispersed, corporate networks.

Compare To QualysGuard

  • Price: Substantially lower than QualysGuard
  • Quality: Proprietary database of vulnerabilities maintained by our experts
  • Accuracy: False positive rate of less than .1%
  • Flexibility: Scan wide IP ranges, pay for only active IPs
  • Reporting: Differential reporting shows what changed on the network
  • Security: Your vulnerability report data is kept on site

Take Advantage of Our Hospitality

If you are currently running QualysGuard, or are considering it for your future Vulnerability Assessment needs, we invite you to start a free, extended trial of AVDS now. We’re happy to put AVDS up against any Vulnerability Assessment and Management solution, but we’re particularly eager to go head-to-head with QualysGuard. We’ll surprise you.

Free Evaluation of AVDS

Qualified candidates can participate in our free proof of concept program which includes either a rackmount, portable or VM scanner and full access to all the features of our enterprise Vulnerability Assessment system.

The AVDS 1U, rack mount, standalone server takes only 30 minutes to set up and will scan daily with little oversight.

NOTE: We respect your right to privacy and we will not transfer, sell or give access to your contact information to any third party. Information given to us here will only be used by us to contact you regarding AVDS.

Customers Say:

“Beyond Security was an obvious choice.”

Brent Leland, Rayovac Corporation

“I needed a way to give control out to the various locations and let IT staff to run their own scans instead of relying on me. ”


“With AVDS we could prioritize alarms, automate security auditing, and consolidate information for reporting and regulatory requirements.”

Chris Lewis, Accenture