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We would like become Media Partner for your security show. We will run your banner on the entire SecuriTeam web site and link to your show home page in exchange for your mentioning us as one of your Media Partners, displaying our Beyond Security Logo and linking to

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Copy the logo below and display it on your security show website in an appropriate location. Please direct the logo link to
  2. Send an email to brianp (at) with the following information:
    • Link to the page where our logo has been placed.
    • Attach a show promotion banner of 180x180. No GIF animations please.
    • Send a link for the banner directing to your show's home page.
  3. Upon verification, a confirmation email will be sent verifying your banner is live on

Contact brianp (at) if you have any questions about this Media Partner opportunity

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