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Beyond Security has partnered with the following companies to deliver excellence in network and application security testing.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides trusted, cloud-based solutions to help you meet your business needs. The AWS Cloud makes a broad set of services, partners, and support options easily available to help make sure that you can focus on what will make your solution a success.



RSA Archer GRC modules allow you to build an efficient, collaborative enterprise governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) program across IT, finance, operations, and legal domains. With RSA Archer, you can manage risks, demonstrate compliance, and automate business processes.

RSA Archer GRC and AVDS have been integrated to share vulnerability information.



ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) is the market-leading security correlation engine used by the most demanding public and private organizations in the world. It protects these firms from external threats such as bots and worms, and internal risks such as fraud and theft.

AVDS is integrated with ArcSight ESM to provide vulnerability assessment data.


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The Microsoft Azure Certified program was created to empower Microsoft partners to grow their business through new opportunities to promote and sell their applications and services on Azure. The program will begin as Microsoft Azure Certified for Virtual Machines, with applications from commercial application developers offered as virtual machines that are deployable from the Azure Management Portal. Microsoft will provide comarketing assistance and access to the Azure customer base to help drive application sales for applications that have been Microsoft Azure Certified



Service desk software from CA Technologies lets you optimize the business user's support experience. Gain the ability to deliver high-quality, consistent IT service support with Service Desk Manager.

CA Service Desk and AVDS have been integrated to share vulnerability information.



CORE IMPACT streamlines penetration testing of servers, desktop systems, end-user systems, web applications, wireless networks, network devices, and mobile devices by automating tasks that would traditionally require significant time, effort and expertise to perform. CORE IMPACT automates the accepted best practice for performing penetration tests.

CORE IMPACT depends upon AVDS to identify vulnerabilities that it then attempts to exploit.



F5's Web Application Firewall, Application Security Managerâ„¢ (ASM), integrates with AVDS so as to provide the most up to date security policy possible. By using AVDS output, ASM updates its security policy to protect against the vulnerabilities that AVDS discovered. You can choose which of the vulnerabilities you want the security policy to handle, retest to be sure that the security policy protects against the vulnerabilities, then enforce the security policy when you are ready.



Imperva is the global leader in data security. With more than 1,300 direct customers and 25,000 cloud customers, Imperva's customers include leading enterprises, government organizations, and managed service providers who rely on Imperva to prevent sensitive data theft from hackers and insiders.



With LogPoint, you have full SIEM and adapted to large enterprises. LogPoint is certified EAL 3+ and specifically addresses the challenges of managing security within your business, whether for EU GDPR compliance, post-incident analysis and visibility into your operations.


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Microsoft Security TechCenter provides security bulletins, educational materials and product updates.

AVDS vulnerability reports link directly to the applicable Knowledge Base articles providing instant access to the solutions of Microsoft related security issues.



The Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) is a software development security assurance process consisting of security practices grouped by seven phases: training, requirements, design, implementation, verification, release, and response. The SDL Pro Network is a group of security consultants, training companies, and tool providers that specialize in application security and have substantial experience and expertise with the methodology and technologies of the SDL.

Beyond Security is a member of the SDL Pro Network and beSTORM is a listed tool.



Pluron, Inc. is a web startup based in Silicon Valley. Our main product is Acunote - an Agile project management tool built on the innovative lightweight Scrum process.

AVDS delivers Acunote-ready vulnerability report data allowing Scrum managed remediation.



IBM Security QRadar SIEM can also correlate system vulnerabilities with event and network data, helping to prioritize security incidents.

Qradar is integrated with and depends upon AVDS to identify vulnerabilities.



BMC Remedy is an IT Service Management solution that boasts reduced complexity and seamless integration of customer support, change, asset and request management.

By feeding vulnerability report information directly into Remedy, AVDS helps automate remediation planning.



Kenna is a software-as-a-service platform that processes external Internet breach and exploit data with an organization's vulnerability scan data to monitor, measure and prioritize vulnerability remediation across their IT environment.

Kenna and AVDS have been integrated to share vulnerability information.



By monitoring and analyzing everything from customer clickstreams and transactions to network activity to call records, Splunk turns your machine data into valuable insights. Troubleshoot problems and investigate security incidents in minutes (not hours, or days).

AVDS seamlessly feeds scanning data into Splunk for centralized security data management and distribution of graphic vulnerability results to key staff and executives.



Symantec Security Information Manager enables a documented, repeatable process for security threat response and IT policy compliance via integrated log management and incident response solutions.

AVDS exports vulnerability incidents to the Security Information Manager allowing coordinated incidence response.



TOPdesk helps organizations improve their services by offering user-friendly, standardized software. This personal approach has been successful for over 17 years now. Currently, 4,000 organizations in 40 countries use TOPdesk for IT, Facilities, HR and Shared Service Centres. AVDS delivers vulnerability information to TOPdesk for integration into its incident management workflow. 



Trustwave SIEM Operations Edition is event management software for the enterprise - scalable, flexible and easily integrated with the enterprise infrastructure. SIEM OE automatically transforms logs into security events and prioritizes high risk events, providing actionable alerts to help businesses stay secure and compliant.

By feeding it vulnerability test results, AVDS enables the log management functionality offered by SIEM OE.


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