How It Started

In 1999, Beyond Security was established in Cupertino, California. The goal was to provide automated security testing tools that assess vulnerabilities in networks, applications, systems, and software. From that objective came:

BeSTORM An automated code injecting dynamic application security testing (DAST) solution with a black box fuzzing option.

BeSECURE An enterprise-grade risk-based vulnerability management solution that identifies, prioritizes, and tracks security weaknesses and accelerates time to remediation.

BeSOURCE A static application security testing (SAST) that integrates code testing into DevOps and SecOps.

Today, a Key Part of Fortra

Beyond Security is now a part of Fortra’s expanding cybersecurity Infrastructure Protection suite, which includes other offensive security solutions such as penetration testing and red teaming tools.

Fortra is making cybersecurity easier, by combining product options to create layered, offensive security solutions. Ease-of-use, flexible scaling, and bundled cybersecurity solutions support and complement each other to create security that is capable of keeping up with expanding security challenges. Beyond Security is one of the many powerful solutions that Fortra provides.