Dynamic Application Security Testing – DAST

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) goes beyond traditional static testing.  Using automation, it can emulate thousands of guided cyberattacks without access to the source code prior to deployment during the developmental cycle.  Another DAST related tool, Black Box Fuzzing, attacks without guidance, using the same techniques that a cybercriminal would.

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PCI-ASV Scanning

PCI compliance and regulations are necessary to keep sensitive customer data secure.  Having the right portfolio of proactive, layered security solutions can help stay compliant with those regulations, even as they’re updated.

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NERC-CIP Compliance

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) is an international regulatory committee that safeguards North American power systems.  Compliance with NERC’s regulations include infrastructure security testing and vulnerability assessment that help remediation efforts on critical security issues.

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MSP White Labeling

Managed Service Provider (MSP) white labeling offers benefits for providers and customers alike.  Ease of implementation and use, MSP’s have access to full branding, marketing, and sales simplicity options, that comply with standards and regulations.  This solution offers a wide array of integration options in an efficient vulnerability assessment platform.

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Need Help Identifying the Right Solution?

Do you need a vulnerability management and assessment solution to keep a vigilant watch?  Do you need a SAST tool testing for weaknesses before deployment?  Do you need a DAST tool that will attack applications from the outside?  

If you’re not sure which cybersecurity option you’ll need, we have professional cybersecurity experts that will listen and help you find the right security solution to help keep your organization protected.