Preventative cybersecurity has never been easier.  We take a holistic approach with our security solutions and each one works together with the others.  BeSECURE is a vulnerability management solution that proactively scans networks for any weaknesses that need remediation.  BeSTORM is a dynamic application security testing (DAST) solution that includes a black box fuzzer to safely attack applications as a hacker would.  BeSOURCE is the static application security testing (SAST) solution that scans code security quality in the development phase, before an application launches.  Together all three can ensure code security before, during, and after deployment.

BeSECURE Vulnerability Management and Assessment

Simple, versatile, yet powerful, BeSECURE continually scans for network and application vulnerabilities.  It’s automatic, scalable, quick, and cost effective scanning.  It can be deployed as cloud, on-premise, or in a hybrid environment.  Keep your security scanning up-to-date so there are no unwanted security surprises.

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BeSOURCE Static Application Security Testing (SAST)

Check code quality and integrity as it’s being developed.  BeSOURCE is a SAST solution that scans the code security of applications, integrates SecOps into DevOps, and streamlines the security testing model from all possible angles.  Find your weaknesses so fixes can be implemented before deployment.

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BeSTORM Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

More than just a DAST solution, BeSTORM has a black box fuzzing option that includes realtime fuzzing from outside the source code, attacking with the same methods as a cybercriminal would.  Hackers are going to test your security after you launch, you should be testing it with the same attack methods they use and stay one step ahead of them.

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Need Help Identifying the Right Solution?

Do you need a vulnerability management and assessment solution to keep a vigilant watch?  Do you need a SAST tool testing for weaknesses before deployment?  Do you need a DAST tool that will attack applications from the outside?  

If you’re not sure which cybersecurity option you’ll need, we have professional cybersecurity experts that will listen and help you find the right security solution to help keep your organization protected.