Security Vulnerabilities

In the fast paced world of cybersecurity, the list of vulnerabilities grows daily.  Researching, discovery, remediation, and patching is a never-ending cycle.  Keeping up with them can be an exhausting task, which is why we keep a list of document list of vulnerabilities:

.NET Framework | Apache | Cisco | DNS | Flash | HTTP | IIS | Microsoft | MSSQL | Netbios | NFS | Oracle | PHP | RPC | SMB | SMTP | SNMP | SQL | SSH | SSL | Telnet | VMware | Windows | xml 

Implementing offensive security as a layered tier of cybersecurity solutions is one of the best ways to stay ahead of retroactively patching and remediation.  With the right proactive security layers for static application security testing, dynamic application security testing, and vulnerability management security issues can be discovered before product deployment and help minimize remediation efforts, saving time and money.

Security Vulnerabilities Related to Apache

These are known security vulnerabilities in versions of Apache HTTP Server.

Security Vulnerabilities Related to Flash

Here’s a list of Flash security vulnerabilities.

Security Vulnerabilities Related to VMware

This is a list of security vulnerabilities that are known in VMware.