Though its already known for swiftly identifying, evaluating, prioritizing, and reporting on security weaknesses, vulnerability management solution beSECURE can now streamline your security even further through a new integration with Core Security’s comprehensive penetration testing tool, Core Impact.  By combining these two best-in-class tools, your organization can take its security strategy to the next level. 

How Do Pen Tests Enhance Vulnerability Management?

Vulnerability management solutions like beSECURE are vital tools that continually scan for network and application vulnerabilities, map an environment, and create detailed reports that include identified vulnerabilities and remediation advice. Penetration testing tools like Core Impact take the next step, providing additional context by seeing if these vulnerabilities could be leveraged to gain access within your environment.  

How Do beSECURE and Core Impact Work Together? 

Core Impact enables security teams to conduct advanced pen tests using guided automations to safely exploit: 

  • servers 
  • endpoints 
  • web applications 
  • wireless networks 
  • network devices 
  • mobile devices  

and other potential attack vectors to determine the risk level of security weaknesses. Core Impact can now directly import scanning results from beSECURE, using this data to more efficiently run vulnerability validation tests. 

Core Impact will not only determine if any of the imported vulnerabilities can be exploited, but will also identify what business-critical assets and data can be accessed through that exploit.  It provides IT teams real-world risk context that is invaluable when planning and prioritizing remediation. These remediation efforts can later be validated using Core Impact as well. 

Better Together: Centralizing Your Security 

With beSECURE and Core Impact both under the Fortra umbrella, organizations can not only establish a robust cybersecurity toolkit, they can also benefit from having one point of contact and the same best in class support to further simplify your security. 

If you’d like to learn more about  Core Impact you can watch a demo or contact us to learn more about the integration.

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