Security services for the Managed Service Provider

Get started with our hosted service and pay as you go just for the scans you initiate on external IPs and web sites. Later, add a network IP scanning service and install Local Scanning Servers into networks to do internal network scanning.

Whether in a security operating center (SOC), an ASP farm, collocation or as an outsourced service, the beSECURE MSP solution can become a part of your service offering quickly.

About Our Vulnerability Scanner: beSECURE

BeSECURE locates and reports on security breaches and vulnerabilities and lists their exact location and description along with recommended solutions. Scan with the widest range of security tests available today.

Robust reporting capabilities

Differential Reporting is a key security management tool in monitoring and assessing changes in network vulnerabilities and policies, on an ongoing basis.
The differential report details 3 different levels:

  • A graphic report identifying trends in the management of security vulnerabilities and fixes
  • A report representing problems by age analysis, and categorizing problems into high, medium and low risk.
  • A technical report specifying the security holes that were revealed, their severity (identified by high, medium and low risk), their location and effect and how to repair them. In addition, the report can show the complete list of security tests that were performed. This can be in a single report, in 3 different reports or any other combination.

Solutions for any requirements

You have a choice; Use our hosted, pay as you go service or get an our appliance-based system. 

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Upgrade your service offering

Up until now the approach that most solution providers have adopted to secure their client’s resources and web sites has been to batch-test for known vulnerabilities on an ad-hoc basis. In other words, a specialist will handle each IP individually, and test areas that he knows to be specific to that IP only. A typical problem associated with this kind of approach is unproductive time management. A specialist either spends too much time on this function, leaving other critical IT areas unmanaged, or spends not enough time, thus neglecting this function.

Our solution allows the specialist to automatically scan for the whole range of options on every IP, giving him complete data on any IP, at any time. The key differentiation is that the specialist now has far more information about his hosts at any specific time, allowing him to better manage his security function.

Another problem facing many solution providers is that the specialist has to ensure that his testing methods are constantly updated – a task that is virtually impossible to manage on an on-going basis. beSECURE is updated transparently and in real-time, allowing the specialist the confidence that reports received are always up-to-date. We are able to do this through our R&D team, which is recognized as one of the best in the world of security today.

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