Black Box Fuzzers 

Black box fuzzers attack code vulnerabilities the same way a real-world cybercriminal would so you can find code weaknesses before they are exploited. A form of dynamic application security testing (DAST), this tool attacks from outside the application code, using a wide range of malformed or partial code data injections to find unexpected code input errors.  This can uncover trigger conditions that lead to crashes, implementation bugs, and open the door for new or unknown exploitable weaknesses.

Black box fuzzers uncover these vulnerabilities, both known and unknown, before your product is deployed.  Using this tool early in the software development lifecycle (SDLC) gives developers the chance to fix any security holes before launch, thus preventing downtime, damaging breaches, and costly post-deployment fixes.

Which Key Industries Need Black Box Fuzzing?

Industries that have a significant impact on everyday life for the general public – such as automotive, aviation, medical, and critical infrastructure — are always going to be targeted by cyberattacks.  These key industries have an immeasurable part to play in ensuring the public’s safety and must take every precaution necessary to ensure the software they use is secured. This includes the use of black box fuzzing to secure code prior to deployment.

“Smart” devices used in the operation of cars, planes, medical equipment, and critical infrastructure like power grids must have the highest level of security to prevent potentially catastrophic attacks.  This is where black box fuzzing becomes essential.  A black box fuzzing tool can uncover unknown and known code vulnerabilities before software is released to the public.  This is the biggest reason regulations require a black box fuzzer early in the developmental lifecycle, to ensure the safety of these industries.

Protect Against The Unknown with Black Box Fuzzers

There are more threats out there than the known cybersecurity vulnerabilities. This guide, How Black Box Fuzzers Protect Against The Unknown, will show you how to protect against the unknown threats.