BeSECURE™ is a complete network and web application Vulnerability Assessment solution. Its testing capabilities are the most accurate available and its reporting delivers exactly the information needed to repair the vulnerabilities that are most
likely to cause data loss.

It will map and score your network to show you in real time which network components are most vulnerable to attack and where to direct your remediation resources to efficiently secure your network.

BeSECURE scans everything that ‘talks IP’, automatically. Servers, infrastructure, workstations, endpoints of any type, printers, IoT included. Each scan includes the widest range of security tests available today and the beSECURE test library is expanded to include new vulnerabilities often, with updates hourly.

High Accuracy

BeSECURE tests the behavior of network hosts by recording their responses to carefully crafted queries, delivering penetration test-like accuracy. No more huge reports packed with false positives. Most beSECURE customers never experience a false positive report.

Other VA/VM systems depend heavily upon checking version numbers to deduce a possible security issue. This results in high error rates. The beSECURE test library consists of behavior-based tests – not version checking. Behavior in response to a query is the only means of testing all the factors that are required to prove that a vulnerability exists.

Simplicity of Installation and Maintenance

BeSECURE is a turnkey solution and was designed with the functions most frequently used at easy reach. Drill-down user interface architecture facilitates getting to complex features you may only occasionally need and report details that are only occasionally used.

‘Automated’ is not just a part of the name. beSECURE was designed from the
ground up by practicing security experts who have felt the pain of running overly
complex scanning systems. beSECURE will reduce the time you spend running a
scanning tool and increase the time you spend eliminating real network


Included with every beSECURE system are the ready-to-use modules and advanced API that allows beSECURE to talk with ticketing systems, SIEMs, WAF and all other security tools that may need to share data with your VA system.

BeSECURE Key Features:

• Accurate scanning with near-zero false
positives to save you time

• Pricing structure allows wide scan
ranges; pay only for active IPs

• Reports designed for ease of use and
efficient mitigation

• Simple set up and upkeep for low cost
of operation

• PCI, CIS, SOX, HIPAA, ISO compliance
reporting included in every system

• No host-based clients or agents required

• Penetration testing alternative, at lower cost

• Automatic, daily vulnerability database updates – stay ahead of the latest threats

A Complete PCI Solution

Beyond Security is an Approved Scanning Vendor for the Payment Card Industry (PCI ASV) and PCI certification can be included in every installed beSECURE system.

Web App Testing:

Scan web applications and networks with the same solution. The beSECURE web-application module includes an integrated crawler that tests every page of your site and every possible entry point against every family of security risk. It tests for code vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection, XSS (Cross Site Scripting), File Disclosure, Remote File Inclusion, PHP/ASP Code Injection, and Directory


Easily integrate beSECURE with your existing infrastructure. Installed in a Security Operating Center (SOC), ASP farm, co-location or as an outsourced service, beSECURE can become a part of your service offering quickly and with
minimal capital outlay.

Low Cost of Operation

The testing accuracy and ease-of-use is matched with an easy to understand, common sense licensing plan to produce the lowest scanning cost per IP in the VA marketplace. beSECURE licenses are based on active IPs. This give you the freedom to set up fewer scans that span wider IP ranges without taking a license hit for every
IP in the range.

With beSECURE you will spend less time chasing vulnerabilities that don’t exist, less time maintaining your VA solution and your licenses will go a lot farther, allowing you to scan more of your network for less.

High Security

BeSECURE meets or exceeds the most rigorous corporate, government and military security standards for network scanning systems. It has been selected by Banks, Military and Governments to scan some of the most carefully secured networks in the world. The operating system itself is a hardened, locked down version of Linux and all functions, including storage of results are self-contained.

Focused, Actionable Reporting

BeSECURE standard reports provide a comprehensive analysis of all vulnerabilities found grouped by risk severity or by most severely compromised asset. Every report contains technical information specific to the risks discovered, including
a summary, severity, possible impact, recommended solution and relevant information such as links to software vendor patches.

Reports are available on the management interface by browser with handy drilldown from the highest overview down to each individual contributing issue.

Reports are provided in HTML, PDF, CSV, CIS and XML. An Executive Summary section includes an overall summary for quick assessment of discovered risks.

Distributed Networks:

Handle hundreds of widely distributed business units from a single, central control point. Assign each security admin the rights to scan his own network, create and view his own reports. All scan results migrate up to the home office reports for a comprehensive overview of the security status of the entire organization and then drill down on how each unit is managing its assets and responding to local challenges.

New Vulnerabilities:

With over 300 new operating system and application vulnerabilities announced every month, regular network scanning is essential. An automated, ongoing vulnerability assessment and management solution is your best option for the elimination of all high-risk corporate network vulnerabilities.

beSECURE Screen Layout

Differential Reports

Discover what changed on your network with each new scan. This popular report type will display new and removed hosts, the newest vulnerabilities, just opened, unexpected ports, newly installed vulnerable services, as well as a summary of any
problems resolved since the last scan. Differential reports are a valuable tool to monitor changes to the security baseline and track remediation efforts over time.

Custom Reporting Policies and Adjustable Scoring

Accurate Vulnerability Management requires flexibility in asset ranking and vulnerability severity scoring. Default reporting values in beSECURE follow current best practices but allow administrators to adjust the relative importance of
individual assets and/or vulnerabilities. Upgrade or downgrade specific assets or vulnerabilities and ensure that your remediation efforts are always focused on the right targets. Generate reports based on detailed company vulnerability policies.

Penetration Testing Alternative

Penetration testing is the delivery of carefully crafted queries to secure a host or application response that proves the presence of a vulnerability. BeSECURE “behavior based” focus does this with each scan, and replicates the efforts of a skilled security consultant. In fact, many consultants use beSECURE as their primary discovery tool. A typical beSECURE installation costs no more than an annual penetration test and has several advantages: Instead of one scan a year, do one a month at same cost and find new vulnerabilities months earlier; Automate testing to avoid the disruption caused by bringing in consultants; Get the same standard of testing every time, no variations in results.

Compliance Features

BeSECURE reporting is designed to respond to PCI, CIS, SOX, HIPAA, ISO and all other compliance requirements. Beyond Security is an approved Scanning Vendor for the Payment Card Industry.

Free Evaluation

Our free 30-day evaluation is available in most countries and includes an beSECURE appliance with access to all features.

Vulnerability Test Library

Beyond Security maintains its own complete library of behavior-based vulnerability tests that span the entire range of known network vulnerabilities. Updates to the library are done daily and every system in the world is updated hourly, automatically.

ScansSample Checks
Web ApplicationsAll known web app vulnerabilities, such as SQL
Injection, XSS (Cross Site Scripting), File Disclosure,
Remote File Inclusion, PHP/ASP Code Injection,
and Directory Traversal
DatabasesOracle®, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server®,
Lotus Notes®, DB2®
Network SystemsRouters, Firewalls, Switches/Hubs, Remote Access
Servers, Wireless Access Points, IPsec, PPTP, DHCP,
Anti-Virus Systems
Operating SystemsMicrosoft® – all versions, Solaris®, AIX®, HP-UX®, SCO
UnixWare®, BSD (OpenBSD, NetBSD), Linux – all
distributions, AS/400®, VMS®, Mac OS X®, Novell NDS
LanguagesSQL, ASP, PHP, Python, CGI, JavaScript, PERL,
Ruby, .NET
OSI Layer 7 AppsWeb server, Database server, Mail server, FTP server,
Proxy server

BeSECURE Features at a Glance

• Scan unlimited IP ranges and only pay for the active IPs on your network

• Network, web application, PCI, HIPAA, SOX and ISO in one solution

• Quick Scan gets testing started in minutes

• Differential reporting highlights newly added IPs, ports and services

• Powerful search engine to quickly filter and search reported vulnerabilities

• Distributed scanning architecture for large networks and multiple beSECURE appliances with enterprise-wide scans and consolidated reports

• Scan Profiles can check large networks quickly for a small subset of problems

• Non-intrusive and consumes minimal bandwidth

• Web browser administrative interface

• Automated daily updates of threat database

• 24/7 unlimited phone support with access to Beyond Security experts

Scanning Performance

Given average network structure, a single beSECURE scanner can test approximately 2500 active IPs a day at default settings.
This default speed allows scanning production networks during working hours with no impact on user experience. Scan speed
can be adjusted higher to get large networks completed during non-production hours.

Rate of Scan (Packets/Second)300351200
Number of Sessions/Scan8232
Throughput per Scan (Kilobits/Second)606240
Average Scanning TimeTypical Class C network in ~12 minutes

Product Line

There is an beSECURE product for every network and web application testing need. Hosted services are available for just a single web site. Network scanning product applications range from a single location with 100 active IPs to international corporations with hundreds of business units and hundreds of thousands of active IPs.

BeSECURE IHosted and SaaS solutions
BeSECURE IISingle appliance scanning up to 1000 IPs in one network
BeSECURE IIIFor unlimited IPs, multiple administrators and users

Hardware and Virtual Machine Specifications

BeSECURE is available in a variety of form factors. The standard appliance is a 1U rackmount server. Portable units allow easy transport between business locations. Custom systems can be configured with any arrangement of redundant power supplies, RAID drive arrays and optical communication capabilities.

Form FactorComponents
Standard1U 19” Rack Mount; Xeon E3-1220, 8GB UDIMM, 500GB SATA, 2 Gigabit ports
Portable7″ x 7″ x 1.4″ (18 x 18 x 3.5cm) case, 3 Lbs., Pentium G4400T, 8GB DDR3L, 500GB SATA
Custom2U 19” Rack Mount; Choice of processors, memory and redundant drives, ports
and power supplies
Virtual MachineFor any virtual environment

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