Ransomware attacks have grown into a lucrative business model, they’re no longer just a one-and-done attack method.

Ransomware has evolved and expanded beyond single cyber extortion on businesses.  Attacks have gotten more complex, damaging, and further reaching than single point data ransoms, and it’s become a lucrative, ongoing business model for criminals.

Mass produced malware, ransomware as a service, multi-extortion points, and legal avoidance are a few of the ways criminals can scam your business and customers.  They’ll find a way into your company’s sensitive data and once they have access to it, they’ll use one or more of these criminal tactics to hold you and your customers hostage.

The only solution is having a defense-in-depth strategy in order to beat ransomware.

This guide will show you the complex ways ransomware can damage your organization and customers and how a layered defense can keep these cyber security threats from finding these weaknesses and show you how to combat data breaches.

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