New, emerging ransomware attack methods impact organizations every day.  Even though ransomware attacks are changing, it’s more likely cybercriminals will use tried and true methods that are already proven to be effective.  When it comes to ransomware attacks, low effort and  high value tactics are easy to implement and very lucrative.

Preventing ransomware is more than a single solution.  Antivirus alone can’t prevent it, and one weakness in security can lead to big problems.  Organizations need to employ a combination of awareness and strategy in order to build layers of protection for prevention.

This eBook, Dissecting Ransomware: Understanding Types, Stages, and Prevention, covers in-depth:

  • Types of ransomware and attack stages
  • How to build barriers against ransomware
  • Managing vulnerability with limited staff and budget
  • How to monitor organizational infrastructure
  • Building layers of security protection

This eBook will show you that with the right offensive security bundles, your organization can simplify and strengthen your organization’s security.

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