The cybersecurity skills shortage is not just an ongoing inconvenience—it is a serious vulnerability that can be exploited by attackers. But how can organizations go about patching this gap while the talent gap endures? The answer lies in leveraging the resources you already have on hand: your existing workforce. 

How do you transform your personnel to meet today’s cybersecurity demands? One way is through upskilling, which involves teaching employees additional skills related to their current roles. Another is through reskilling, which equips current employees with new skills to allow them to shift their career towards in-demand fields—like proactive cybersecurity. 

Upskilling and reskilling are especially crucial in the realm of offensive security, where proactive measures such as vulnerability management, penetration testing, and red teaming assess organizational environments, uncovering security weaknesses before they can be exploited. By empowering their workforce with these skills, organizations can take a preemptive stance against attackers, ensuring their defenses remain resilient. 

In this guide, learn how upskilling and reskilling can be utilized by organizations to enhance scybersecurity capabilities for their infrastructure and how to begin implementing these initiatives at your organization. 

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