Meeting PCI-DSS Compliance Requirements

The rules in PCI-DSS compliance are more than just “checking off boxes”.  They’re designed to help businesses improve their payment card security structure and assure their customers that the data collected is protected.  These rules encompass technology controls, processes, and methodologies for protecting the entire infrastructure dealing with payment cards.

This ebook focuses on PCI areas related to protecting software that processes or handles payment cards and related information. Defending development and infrastructure helps form the foundation of security to meet PCI-DSS standards.

There are so many vulnerability management solutions on the market, it’s hard to decide which VM solution is the best fit for your organization.  Company’s needs can change, creating a challenge when selecting the right solution.  The wrong choice can add overhead to your team and overlook vulnerabilities because it’s too complex or the scanning is ineffective.

Making the right organizational choice requires a basic understanding of what features and functionality are available from modern VM solutions vs. older legacy solutions. The goal is to adjust the solution to your organization rather than changing your organization to fit the solution.

This guide is designed to help organizations know what significant features and functionality are available and determine if they are a necessary fit for your organization.

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