This article was originally published on EIN Presswire on April 18, 2019.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 18, 2019 / — San Jose, CA – Beyond Security, a leading provider for automated security testing solutions including vulnerability management and Ubiquitous AI Corporation (Japan) jointly announced today the launching of beSTORM X, a vulnerability verification tool that is designed to conduct vulnerability testing on IOT devices.

beSTORM X is a multi-protocol fuzzer, which is capable of testing for both known and unknown vulnerabilities – the missing patches in the underlying operating system, bad configuration and ways to circumvent the application in new ways plus intelligent learning of custom protocols and formats to further uncover weaknesses in devices. The beSTORM X, jointly developed with Ubiquitous AI Corporation, is flexible and powerful in testing scenario generation engine that generates complex attack scenarios that are difficult with conventional tools.

“The usage of IOT devices is growing exponentially and this exposes more security holes in these devices. Known vulnerabilities that should have been patched years ago; default passwords; bad encryption settings; as well as 0-day vulnerabilities and other issues plague these devices who are slowly weaving and embedding themselves into our lives and thus making us all more vulnerable” said Aviram Jenik, CEO and Co-Founder of Beyond Security. “This partnership with UAC is a milestone for Beyond Security and so is the launch of beSTORM X, the next generation zero-day attack tool for blackbox testing of IOT devices, the very first of its kind” said Aviram Jenik, CEO and Co-founder of Beyond Security.

“Building on the popular beSTORM blackbox testing tool and using UAC’s knowledge and experience with a broad range of IOT devices, we have successfully combined forces to develop a strong penetration-testing tool that will be not only be flexible enough for a wide range of usage scenarios, but will also discover and pin-point zero day vulnerabilities” he added.

beSTORM X is not only geared towards the IoT vendors, but also towards certification testers or even end users, who are committed to secure their IoT devices against all vulnerabilities.

“In general, penetration testing is provided based on the unique know-how of security service companies that have advanced security engineers such as white-hat hackers, so it is difficult for companies that continue to receive these services to accumulate the know-how,’ said Jun Hasegawa, President of Ubiquitous AI Corporation “On the other hand, using the beSTORM X tool and with the help of our engineers who have extensive development experience using various communication protocols, customers now have the option to examine both known vulnerabilities as well as unknown vulnerabilities on each device” he stated.

“As it has finally become possible to reduce the labor component of the testing and verification work, productivity and testing sophistication will increase while simultaneously saving time. Our customers can reduce the cost without purchasing expensive protocol verification tools or using expensive penetration testing services that rely heavily on personal methods. You can now perform comprehensive security testing to IoT devices at a reasonable cost” Mr. Hasegawa added.

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