This article was originally published on EIN Presswire on May 11, 2020.

SACRAMENTO, CA, USA, May 11, 2020 / — Beyond Security, a leading provider of automated security testing and compliance solutions, announced today that they have joined forces with Genians, an IT solutions company based out of South Korea, that delivers Next-Gen NAC solutions by leveraging Cloud technology for businesses of all sizes without disturbing existing IT and security operations, to combine Beyond Security Vulnerability Assessment product with Genians Network Access Control.

Beyond Security’s beSECURE platform will automatically test all network assets for potential vulnerabilities, and if a machine is found vulnerable, it will instruct Genians’ NAC solution to isolate it, or send it to “quarantine” where it cannot infect other machines.

With a large percentage of the work force working from home, in many cases the enterprise network has extended into the employee’s homes. This opens up an opportunity for attackers to use the weaker home computers as a steppingstone into the corporate network, using the VPN as a tunnel to hop from a weak or infected home computer into the sensitive corporate environment.

“We have borrowed the ideas from the top pandemic researchers and implemented them in the corporate security environment to achieve a similar goal: continuous and wide-spread testing combined with isolating those that are most weak to prevent further infections.” Said Dongbum Lee, founder and CEO of Genians. “Fortunately, in the security world this can be completely automated to achieve an instantaneous action”

This automated and immediate quarantine process can ensure that the home computers are constantly checked and their security automatically evaluated, and as soon as a weakness is discovered they will be cut off from the rest of the network, preventing from any malware from spreading.

“Taking what Beyond Security’s beSECURE does best: automatically and continuously testing for vulnerabilities; together with what Genians does best: quickly isolating and blocking problematic assets from the corporate network, allowed us to provide a complete end-to-end solution to this difficult technical problem” Said Aviram Jenik, CEO of Beyond Security.

This integration between the two products is available free of charge to existing customers of Genians and Beyond Security.

About Genians

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