BeSTORM Version 13.2.0

BLE, CANBUS Enhancements, new protocols in beSTORM BeSTORM 13.2 launches a few highly requested enhancements along with several protocol additions.  These additions will help expand the implementation of black box fuzzing during application development.  International compliance regulations are beginning to require fuzz testing security certification within testing labs on telecommunication and wireless connectivity equipment, prior […]

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How Fuzz Testing Helps Secure the Automotive Industry  

While cars are still mechanical feats, much of the innovation in the automotive world is within the realm of technology. From IoT enabled smart features that improve the driving experience to autonomous automobiles that hope to rule the roads of the future, modern vehicles are essential moving computers. Unfortunately, this means that the corresponding cybersecurity […]

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Dynamic Application Security Testing Software

beSTORM Overview A dynamic application security testing (DAST) tool should automatically test millions, even billions, of attack combinations.  This helps ensure products’ security before they’re launched, saving you time and costly security fixes afterwards.  BeSTORM’s DAST solution goes a step further, with a black box fuzzer tool.  Along with Dynamic Application Security Testing, that performs comprehensive, calculated […]

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BeSTORM Release 13.1.0

Enhancements At Beyond Security, we continually strive to improve our products with updates and enhancements that are often customer driven. Below are the enhancements from our latest beSTORM release: *NOTE: If your projects use these modules, substitute them with the IEEE802.11 (Subscriber – Simple), CG4579 (Over PCAN), and Running Speed and Cadence modules. Contact Us […]

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BeSTORM Quote Request

Request a customized quote for BeSTORM by completing the form and our cybersecurity expert will contact you and begin the process. Your quote will be customized for your company based off of industry, organizational requirements, and compliance regulations. BeSTORM’s dynamic application security testing and black box fuzzer abilities identify and prioritize cybersecurity vulnerabilities during the […]

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BeSTORM Demo Request

Your demo includes guided assistance that will help you determine if black box fuzzing, dynamic application security testing (DAST), or another cybersecurity solution is the right fit for your company. Request a BeSTORM demo, complete the form and a Beyond Security representative will contact you to begin the process. BeSTORM’s Black Box Fuzzer BeSTORM’s abilities […]

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BeSTORM: Fuzzing and the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL)

Do I Need to Fuzz For the SDL? Black box fuzz testing is a requirement of the Verification phase of the SDL, the industry-leading software security assurance process that was created by Microsoft and proven effective since 2004. Given diligent application of required security activities in the Design and Implementation phases, fuzzing done at the Verification phase confirms that […]

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